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So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish

The time has come, the walrus said, to talk of many things.

Including why I keep grasping for…

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Nicole Kidman’s Oscar Win Didn’t Make Her Happy

Why do we link celebs together for eternity, even when they’ve split? Sure, if the separation is…

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Hollywood Plans “It’s A Wonderful Life” Sequel; Hollywood Has Lost Its Mind

I’m 40 years old – so, depending where you are on the birth-to-life scale, I’m either “halfway to…

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ABC Orders New Singing Competition Show But Don’t Worry, This One Is Totally Different

In case you were wondering, if the world every actually ends, the few survivors who buried…

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Alec Baldwin Is Sorry For Being An A**hole; Rather, He’s Sorry He Got Caught Being An A**hole

“A. B. C. Always Be Crappy.”

Remember this guy?


That Alec Baldwin…

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Fair Or Unfair: Actors Who Get Blasted When Cast(ed)…

The fan base furore surrounding some of the more recent motion picture castings has been somewhat…

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Ladies, Meet Your New Body Image Protection Squad: J-Law, Britney & Miranda

Or more accurately: Meet Your Body Image Protection Squad: J-Law (!), Britney (?) And Miranda (?!).

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Gwen Stefani Is A “Low Maintenance” Pregnant Woman Third Time Around

This isn’t Gwen Stefani’sfirst time around the baby block. In fact, she’s practically old hat at…

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Lock Up Your Daughters, The ‘Flowers in the Attic’ Trailer has Landed

V.C. Andrews, the late author of the simply awful Dollanganger books, wrote“Seek the tarnish and…

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'This Is The End' Was Blockbuster's Final Store Transaction

As you probably heard, Blockbuster shut down its remaining 300 rental stores last week. The…

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